Throw with Joe: Play With a Legend in Tilt-Controlled Football Game

Want a fun app that benefits a good cause? Check out Throw with Joe, the arcade-style football app where you are the quarterback. Throw with Joe is a “joint” effort of legendary quarterback Joe Montana and Joint Juice and the proceeds from the sale of the app benefit the Arthritis Foundation. The app is a pick-up-and-play game that challenges players to maximize yardage with each pass by tilting their phone to avoid interception. Pick up Joint Juice power-ups and football helmets along the way to maximize distance and fun.

Throw with Joe is tilt-controlled and features a simple concept of navigating a football down a field avoiding all the defensive players that can intercept the pass. If the ball hits another player, your pass is done. If you collect Joint Juice bottles, you get bonus yards and football helmets provide invincibility that flattens the defensive guys and gives you even more yards. Challenge Facebook and Twitter friends to play and beat each other’s best throws.

Throw With Joe Gameplay

There’s nothing complicated about Throw with Joe. It’s an easy, quick game that simply challenges players to gain the most yards possible with each pass. You don’t need any particular skill set to play, or even any knowledge of football. Simply start a round, wait for the 3-second countdown timer to begin and then tilt your way down the field. Joe even gives you his feedback after each pass.

Due to the tilt-control and simple premise, there is virtually no learning curve to Throw with Joe. It responds fairly smoothly to the tilt interface and downfield navigation isn’t difficult. The further you go, the more players pop up and the more “inconveniently” the power-ups are located. All in all, it’s a super simple, but fun challenge.

Throw with Joe is an app for a cause – proceeds directly benefit the Arthritis Foundation. For .99, players end up with a cute game for all ages and skill levels while doing their part to support a worthwhile organization. Throw with Joe is for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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