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Download Fortnite in one of three modes available and fight off with zombies until the last person alive. This game can be played by up to a hundred people.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are very good with cartoonish visual style, we would say. It looks like realistic but still too toying. Colors are bright. There are various outfits like funny space suits and others. You can even apply some dance moves here. So this is not only hard battles, but there are a lot of cute scenes also. The participator when competing as a group can use microphones and headsets to communicate. Here you can count on perfect shooting mechanics and a lot of building elements.

Gameplay: 5

Collaborating with other gamers, you will create a Fortnite world just like in your dreams or participate in battles until only one remains. There are three game modes. One is Save the World. Here a player with 4 gamers performs the specified missions. They appear to be among those 2% of population of the Earth who survive after the storm. Fortnite Battle Royale is played between several people. They have to find weapons, resources to stay alive in the adversarial circumstances. Fortnite Creative is for those who prefer building. They have an island and can create anything they want here including arenas for battles. There is an in-game currency. You can buy it paying real-world money or earn it performing missions and other achievements. The so-called V-Bucks can be spent on the ability to gain a random selection of items, on cosmetic items to make the character more vivid, or on game's Battle Pass.

In updates, the developer has added a lot of interesting features and items, like airplanes and other vehicles. In order to practice, you can apply a non-competitive mode – this is Playground or forget about cruel battles in a Creative mode.

Controls: 4

There are many movements and functions in this game, thus, you are suggested to apply a wide range of controls which operate when you press the buttons described in the guide. Characters can jump, sprint, crouch, build, edit, and do other things. Player can find a lot of supports over the open Internet.

Replay Value: 5

Taking into account plenty of possibilities and choices in this game, particular options in the modes added every week, a player always has a new reason to play the game again. It means the replay value is high. Moreover, you can turn to the game several times in order to master your skills, because some missions are rather complicated. And as far as the game is free and all new items are available without paying anything, it becomes even more popular.


In Fortnite review, we have described a bright multiplayer shooter in three versions. It is one of the largest online games nowadays which is worth playing if you like the idea of post-apocalyptic Earth.


  • Plenty of variants to play;
  • Diverse graphics;
  • It’s free.


  • Addictive;
  • Silly sense of humor

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