Mediatonic Announced Big Yeetus Arrival

  • Noah Lopez
  • 9/2/2020

British developers Mediatonic, well-known for their game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, have revealed a new addition to its gameplay. It is called Big Yeetus, which is apparently a big thrown by some unknown superpowers. This element may definitely add even more fun into the already hilarious, lighthearted game.

The short GIF revealed the fall of a Fall Guy, pushed by an unseen power and rolled. Yeeted means being thrown or punched if you are curious about the word’s etymology. This time, the character is yeeted by a huge hammer near the finish line of Dizzy Heights. We also see that the Big Yeetus saves the Fall Guy from being smashed and speeds up the moves. However, according to Mediatonic, this new addition will not always be so welcoming.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout screenshot

Developers reveal that Big Yeetus will appear unexpectedly on different levels. It brings chaos into the game. Do not rely on it, as Big Yeetus is far from being your friend; however, it is not an enemy either. Perhaps, we must wait for its appearance in the game to decide whether it is a friend or a foe. The team continues to work on more features to add into the Fall Guys, like the cannon that fires fruits in Dizzy Heights. Are you waiting for the new updates from Mediatonic?