10 Best Rocket League Mods

  • Ethan Perez
  • 6/11/2019

Do you like to play football or racing? What will you choose? With the Rocket League game, players don’t need to make a choice because it is a real vehicular soccer video game. It has up to four players assigned to each of the two teams, the main purpose of whose is to hit a ball into the opponent’s goal. The game has lots of incredible Rocket League mods, which add new effects, change the rules, and much more. First of all, let’s be clear what we are talking about here.

Rocket League Mod: What is It

In the Rocket League, players control a futuristic rocket-powered car with the only one goal in mind — to collect as many scores as possible by hitting a huge ball in the goal. This exciting match is accompanied by wonderful animation effects, crazy flips in the air, and unreal car speed. But the most incredible thing is the game’s mods, also known as ‘mutators’. They were added to modify some aspects of the gameplay. For example, decrease or increase gravity, ball size, its bounciness, and speed. Some of the mods replace the football field with the ice rink or add a superstition to the ball. Gamers can simply install them and enjoy new features. Below, we collected 10 most popular Rocket League mods.

1. Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher is a tool that allows you to modify various parts of the game, create new modes, and play workshop maps in multiplayer. In addition, this mod has the features to change the content of the menu news, export the Item Inventory to a CSV file, and much more. All this makes the program a must-have for installing.

2. Workshop Textures

Workshop textures mod expands the number of available textures for workshops maps. It has more than 43K installs. This fact confirms that the mod has all necessary textures files for the Rocket League workshop maps.

3. Dribbling Challenge

Dribbling challenge mod is a good way to practice your skills in a single offline regime. Interesting fact: it was the first dribbling challenge in the game.

4. All Black also White and Gold, Black and Gold for Dominus, Octane, and Batmobile

In Rocket League, you can customize not only the battlefield but also the car you are playing. And this mod was created exactly for this purpose. Black batmobile, White for the Octane, and so on are great and with lots of beautiful features. Guys, really done well!

5. Textures for Maps and Sticky Walls

The users can expand the textures and make the game even more customizable.

6. Race Night

The race night mod has lots of interesting features. There is a list of them:

  • In-game timer;
  • Leaderboard;
  • Reset button;
  • Freeplay;
  • Tons of neon effects.

The developers update the mod regularly so you can get lots of fun!

7. Rocket League Obstacle Course

It is another interesting mod from French Fries. The playing instructions are very simple. Drive on the sandy texture, and don’t touch blue or white boxes. Otherwise, you will be moved back to the previous checkpoint. The map was designed to train your car control skills; hence, there are no limits in boosts. Once you see yellow or gold color boxes, move into them — they are the doors to the next section.

8. Star Boost Gauge

Do you like to change the textures very often and always stay in the permanent search of the new customized tools? Therefore, you should try this mod and change the in-game boost gauge to the fun star themed one.

9. Textures for the Jet Car Stunts and Sticky Walls

Another mod to play with the textures in the game. It has around 10K installs.

10. Police Car Decal for Dominus

Distinct your car from others with the new Police decal.

A few more words

In this blog post, we shared with you 10 most popular Rocket League mods. Have you tried to install them? If yes, what are the impressions? Write in the comments below, and also describe your favorite mods!